Identify how to make your products unique. Smarte presents sales development method. You can real time monitoring allows viewing a live data and with custom graphics. Modern customer experience is delivered through engagement via multiple, distinct, largely digital. The goal is Smarte Digitalised Merchandising to remove the barriers that exist between and among sales channels so that consumers can evaluate purchase decisions, plan, and receive goods in a host of modes, anytime, anywhere.

Identify your product placement areas by meaning real-time data about Customer flow and behavior in different regions. Differentiate your store density from adult customer and gender-based density. Smarte, measure the intensity and time spent by people in front of your window display. Measure how many of these concentrations are visiting the store and how many are shopping and developing your sales marketing strategies. With Smarte devices, you can observe and report on the responsiveness of your customers to the concept. Gender, mood, age, reaction, happy, surprised, disgusted, sad, etc. It presents the reports of the departure routes after the customer's viewing of the showcase. At the end of the period before the operation, the effect of the display visuals on the customers, whether they enter the business or not, is analyzed.

Smarte determine how many people entered the store and queue. Queue Analysis is a real-time analytic application that can analyze all aspects of shopping activities within a predefined queue region. Smarte, prevents loss of sales due to queue. Measure the intensity of the customer according to the weather in the region. Manage and segment your products, activities, and staff according to customer behavior profiles. The appropriate temperature for the sections is determined so yield increase for sales. An advanced reporting plug-in that can visualize the Heat Map flow on the floor plan. More than one camera image can be projected onto floor plan. Passers-by can create this analysis with clear views of the shopping flow, including the impression and the wait-time events. Detailed and easily understandable thermal map reports on the floor plan provide services for effortless identification of hot and cold areas, store interactions with all dimensions, passers-by, impression and waiting times events.

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Key Features

  • People Counting
  • Heatmap
  • Queue Management
  • Store Ranking
  • Mood & Age & Gender Estimation


Quick Accessibility
With the map and location navigation menu quick accessibility.
Data Visualization and Analysis
With the data visualization and analysis screens easy to follow it provides.
Enable clients
access to advanced analytics
Send an alert in case of an alarm