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Smarte Digitalization Solutions

Energy Modelling Solutions

With the Smarte Energy Modeling, before the infrastructure and equipment investment in the project is made, the system to be installed is simulated and efficiency and cost analyzes are performed. At the same time, the energy needs and energy losses / gains of an existing building are analyzed in advance.

Choosing the right HVAC equipment

Efficiency analysis of project architecture and building materials

The right automation solutions are determined.

The life cycle is created and energy calculations are made by taking into account the human density, the climate characteristics in the current location, computers etc. in the living areas, working hours in the building and many other parameters.

Digital Twinning Solutions

Engineering Excellence starts with the Smarte digital twining. Smarte digital twinning extracts a 360 ° digital counterpart of a physical asset or facility. By creating digital twins of physical assets, data generated by the asset throughout the design and operational life is collected, visualized and analyzed, thus providing combined life cycle simulation. It provides continuity throughout the product life cycle based on IoT data. With the Smarte, 'Digital Twin' is created by combining health, air quality and energy devices on this platform.

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Digitalization Solutions


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