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Smarte Health Analytics Solutions

Smarte Health Software takes health and comfort conditions by taking actions to improve ambient air quality. Vironance™ Viral Inactivation Technology inactivates Corona virus.

As seen in the Corona virus pandemia, the sustainability of the air and surface cleaning of the environment depends on the human factor and cannot be reported regularly, increasing the risk rate by making the system open to errors.

End-to-end solution for sanitary

Smarte health solutions provide an end-to-end solution with cutting-edge sensor technology. It also minimizes the risks by inactivating the viruses.


You can get detailed reports about the sanitary conditions of the space while inactivating the viruses without disrupting business continuity.

Target Sectors



Retail Chains




Public Buildings

Health Analytics

 The continuity of ambient sanitary is ensured.

 Viral inactivation at HVAC systems

 Works with automation without any human intervention.

 Alert management with alarm notifications.

 Regular information based on digital data is provided.

 Viral Inactivation process continues.