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Smarte Monitoring and Controlling Solutions

Companies are under tremendous pressure to improve productivity, reduce costs while supporting sustainability with reducing CO2 emissions and going green. Reducing energy consumption with optimizing efficiency will help you achieve your goals. As Smarte we develop our smart and sustainable Building Automation Solutions to monitor and save energy consumption up to 45%.

You cannot able to control what you do not measure.

Smarte Monitoring Solution allows viewing a live data stream of the active data points on any monitored device. The software lets administrators monitor user and data activity in real time as it’s being transmitted to the system without having to navigate through reports. Data is displayed in individual screens with information on the open website or application allowing our customers to easily analyse all their energy related data. Software with hardware innovation to connect everything from sensors to services over one platform. Alarms for the selected branch appear in the interface. In the alarm system, detailed analysis such as violence, time, status, originator, temperature is performed. It sends you alerts when an alarm condition is detected.

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Smarte MAX 32

The Smarte MAX 32 General Purpose Application Controller is an equipment controller that runs pre-engineered and user-programmed applications, and provides the inputs and outputs required to monitor and control a wide variety of HVAC and other facility equipment. Smarte MAX 32 equipment controllers include an integral real- time clock, which enables the controllers to monitor and control schedules, calendars, and trends, and operate for extended periods of time as standalone controllers when offline from the preferred system network.


Control over TCP

Controlling & Monitoring
complex HVAC plants

Optional Cloud
Support to operate globally

Ethernet + RS485


Smarte IR Blaster

Smarte IR Blaster provides control over air conditioners with IR receiver module without any cable connection. Air conditioner modes can be changed, on/off, set temperature can be specified, also has built-in temperature and humidity sensors.


7 IR Led Transmitter

Infrared signal
coverage on 360 degree

Easy Configuration with
Remote Setting features

Support air conditioner,
fan and more

Control any IR device

Useful Time
Schedule Function

Smarte R1

Smarte R1 conducts data reading process integrated with the systems with Modbus. Different systems can be combined on a single platform with such integration capability. Also, acts as a controller with its internal I/O modules. UPS and reactive power control devices, all data from these devices can be accessed by integrating with the generator.


Ultra-Fast Control
over TCP

Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Controlling and Monitoring