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Smarte Energy Monitoring Solutions

Energy cost is often a great burden for a business. The Smarte Energy Monitoring Software collects and organizes data gathered from your facility’s consumption network to have control over the energy consumption and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via the intuitive web interface.

You cannot able to control what you do not measure.

Smarte Monitoring Solution allows viewing a live data stream of the active data points on any monitored device. The software lets administrators monitor user and data activity in real time as it’s being transmitted to the system without having to navigate through reports. Data is displayed in individual screens with information on the open website or application allowing our customers to easily analyse all their energy related data.

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Retail Chains




Public Buildings

Energy Monitoring

 Water and natural gas consumption monitoring

 Preventing punishment by tracking reagent consumption

 Warning and alarm system

 Forecast to energy consumption and cost

 Monitoring of electrical power quality (voltage, fluctuation etc.)

 Electricity consumption monitoring

 Generator and UPS monitoring

 Power quality monitoring

 Instant energy monitoring

 Historical consumption reports