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Smarte Public Building Solutions

For public institutions, the safety, sustainability, health, efficiency and comfort are priorities. Smarte provides end-to-end solutions with a holistic approach to build more efficient, connected, sustainable and healthy spaces.

Living in a healthy and green building

Smarte is a technology company that offers innovative solutions for a better future in energy efficiency without any human intervention need.


Deep analytics

Integrated System


Smart sensors

Smarte is a technology company that offers innovative solutions for a better future in energy efficiency. The area that Smarte Solutions located became more efficient and comfortable without any human intervention need. Smarte provides a holistic energy management approach with its hardware and software solutions.

Smarte 360° Energy Management measures temperature, humidity, light, pressure, CO2, VOCs etc. data real-time with its Smart Sensors located.

Smarte Analytics Platform conducts thermodynamic analysis with gathered data. While providing optimum energy efficiency, it allows the environment to be in the optimum temperature, light and air quality conditions by taking into consideration the human density in the area with Thermal Surface Sensor.

Smarte uses a unique key business model ESCO guaranteed savings with no investment required.

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Smarte helps clients drive efficiency with end to end solutions.

  • 25% - 45% saving.

  • Minimize energy costs while optimizing efficiency.

  • Efficiency in different fields such as heating, cooling, electricity consumption, lighting and more.

  • End-to-end solution with a holistic approach.

  • Plug and Play Sensors. Easy Deployment.

  • You can make data-driven decisions and take actions that increase efficiency with our real-time reporting.

  • Smarte Products Solutions

    Analytics Platform


    MAX 32/24 Controller

    Digital Twinning

    Unique Process Increases Effiency

  • Specify the needs by making a detailed analysis of the building.

  • Determine energy losses in the building and where to locate the sensors with our Smarte Energy Modeling and Digital Twin Solutions.

  • Calculate the average energy saving by using the data with our Smarte Energy Modelling Solution.

  • Regularly measure the data and analyze it to ensure that the area is in optimum and healthier conditions with Smarte Sensor and Health Technologies.

  • Help to take smart actions regarding human density such as turn off heating or cooling when none is in the room with Smarte Thermal Surface Sensor integrated solutions.

  • Monitor the detailed status of the building and make effective decisions based on real-time data via real-time reporting.

  • Start to save from day one with happy and healthier employees by reducing CO2 emissions in eco-friendly buildings which are more efficient and healthy places.

  • We understand your concerns.

  • Installation Process: We develop solutions with minimum intervention to your existing infrastructure with our wide installation team and superior technology. It also makes planning by the working order of the building without affecting your current operation.

  • Sustainability: During the agreement period, we undertake the operation to increase the savings continuously by making energy management and carbon footprint calculations.